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Viewing Grizzly Bears in Alaska

Standing up to 9 feet (3 meters) tall and weighing a whopping 660+ lbs (270 kilos), the commanding presence of a real live Grizzly Bear is truly remarkable! It’s no wonder, then, that viewing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat has become a “wildly” popular feature of our Alaska incentive programs.

Indeed, Alaska provides some very unique opportunities to view these animals, which due to their solitary nature and their 5-7 month annual hibernation period, can be tricky. Each year millions of salmon burst from the Bering Sea into the lakes and streams of Alaska. These fish provide a food source for the world’s largest population of brown bears. Impressive gatherings of grizzly bears can be seen at prime Alaskan fishing spots when the salmon run upstream for summer spawning. This rare annual event allows incentive travelers the experience of a lifetime.

One of these special locations is Katmai National Park. We bring incentive guests into the park via seaplanes, landing on a remote lake. After being briefed on “Bear Etiquette” at the lodge – special regulations designed to protect bears and people – we are guided to view the grizzly bears only a short walk from the lodge.

As many as fifty bears can be viewed fishing along the river during the peak of the salmon season – July and September. There is also a waterfall where they often are especially concentrated. The falls create a temporary barrier to migrating salmon which gives some bears the opportunity to catch many fish with little effort. Typically, this is where the largest and most dominant bears along the river will be fishing. Watching them hunt from such a close (but safe!) distance is a wonder to behold.

Uniquely Northwest offers many options for a custom-tailored incentive program in Alaska, and grizzly bear viewing is a recommended activity during the summer months!

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